Battito d’Ali

Lightness is the theme for Battito D’Ali collection. Metal yields gracefully in its delicate creations; lively butterflies and gliding swallows spread their wings seamlessly, energy vibrates beyond matter in an animated dance. These winged jewelry pieces confer freedom and power upon every woman, leading to a path of self-elevation.

Pizzo di Venezia
Pizzo di Venezia collection leads us back to tradition, whilst charming us with past knowledge and with an exquisite ability, the poetry of once-upon-a- time craftsmanship of lace. This collection’s creations appear to be magically sewn together by invisible thread: hard metal is knowingly worked into lightweight weaving and lacework, embracing femininity with a contemporary flare which feeds upon past traditions.

Rinascimento di Spine
The double-faced soul of a woman encompassing all of its shine and strength, daring attitude and sensuality, is well expressed in the Rinascimento di Spine collection. Her path towards self-recognition and the energy spent in the endeavor are not forgotten: she walks assuredly, well aware of her classy looks and allure. These jewels adorn her as sculptures while enhancing the playful and everlasting body language of seduction.

Primavera Onirica

Primavera Onirica collection introduces us to a fairytale of dreamlike winged creatures: robins, bees and flies awaken after a cold winter and spread their wings. Gracefully perched on peach tree branches, caught in needle-shaped leaves, they accordingly blend into the landscape. This jewelry collection’s charm and refinement is enhanced by elaborate craftsmanship and exotic vibes in a perfectly rendered homage to the beauty of nature.

Salir di Mare
As Venus emerging from the depths of the sea, the Salir di Mare collection bestows the grace and beauty of its rolling waves. This collection’s jewelry appears to be sculpted by sun and saltwater whilst gracefully animated by skillful metal workmanship. All pieces have been created for women who embrace the poetry of nature, as a complement to beauty.



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