The latest 12 new creations
Cecilia Capuano



With the participation of master Katsushika Hokusai

May 4-5 from 12am to 20pm

Via del Colosseo 62 – second floor – Rome

From May 6th on appointment

ph. +39 335 6794656

New creations
Cecilia Capuano



December 17-18-19 from 11am to 19pm

Via Claudio Monteverdi 16a – Rome

ph. +39 335 6794656

gioielli moda
Gioielli alla moda



From 8th to 20th of November 2016

Opening hours:

Monday 14.30 – 19.3o

Tuesday – Wednesday – Friday – Sunday 9.30 – 19.30

Thursday – Saturday 9.30 – 22.30

Fashion is Poetry


Creativity and femininity celebrated by the verses of Petrarca and Hikmet: the jewels of Cecilia Capuano seen on the catwalk together with outfits of fashion designer Anna Bruna Coppola in the charity event “Moda è Poesia” organised by the Rotary Club of Rome in favour of the Hospital “Bambin Gesù”.

l'arte dell mestiere
L’Arte dell Mestiere



Cecilia Capuano takes part in the exhibition “Journey into the world of crafts”



















Prêt à portrait invitation



Thursday, November 13th, from 6.30 pm

Via del Colosseo 62, 2° floor, Rome

Until November 18th up on appointment.

Prêt à Portrait is a story of women created by women. Strong and diverse personalities, beautiful and brilliant women at ease with their image and looks, unafraid to show their individuality. Cecilia Capuano’s distinctive ability to deliver the multifaceted essence of a woman through her creations is well showcased in her jewels, complementing the true spirit of those who wear them. This project features photographs, small interviews and emotions, all portraying women in their most natural environment.

Prêt à Portrait: Meet with the women wearing Cecilia Capuano jewels in real life.

Click to read the 1° interview…

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white show milano
White Show Milano


From September 20th to 22nd takes place the fashion exhibition White Trade Show with its first edition oh the White Bijoux ,

Cecilia Capuano invites you to discover her new collection at the stand nr. 8 at the Nhow Hotel ground floor in Via Tortona 35, don’t miss it!

Wear the precious elegance


Refined elegance is the focus. The ethereal beauty of a woman and her delicate hands become the stage for the acting jewelry, a modern and graceful game of seduction, lively as nature. Cecilia Capuano’s endorsed photo shoot is a precious collection of snapshots set in a dreamlike atmosphere.

Capalbio Film Festival


Contemporary jewellery designer Cecilia Capuano was approached by Tommaso Mottola, the Director of the 21st Capalbio International Short film Festival to create a one of a kind piece of jewellery for the winner of the “Ri/generazione Best Film Award”.

Talented kurdish director Bülent Öztürk received the prestigious award for his film “House with small windows” which beautifully portrayed the festival theme of “change”. Drawing on the festival’s theme, the sterling silver cuff created by Cecilia emulates modern architectural lines with the design representing themes of rebirth whilst blurring the line between the past, present and future.



high jewellery
High jewellery


The Libellula Ring, with its distinctive openwork design, pays tribute to the charm and grace of this delicate creature. This exquisite example of bespoken high jewellery is realised in white gold, two precious white diamonds  are set on two separate winged diamonds rings, that seem to have settled in the hollow of the finger. Cecilia Capuano has reinvented a highly unusual way of wearing two important diamonds , bestowing on them the gift of lightness.

Autumn in Rome


A natural looking girl bathes in the power of nature. Her freshness and modern beauty are heightened by the avant-garde and bold design of jewelry which sheds light on her feminine sensuality. She is at the very center of the world.

Photographer: Carlo Tosti

Stylist: Mattea Mucci



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