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Elisabetta Contessa


Introducing Elisabetta Contessa from Rome.

Elisabetta is a woman with a bright and open minded character.

She has a sporty sophisticated personal style, which combines well with her dynamic life.


Tell me a few words that best describe you

Curious, dynamic and loyal.


What is your favorite hobby ?

I love reading and gardening.


Whitch cities are your worldwide favorite’s?

Rome and New York.


Tell me three things on top of your “to do” list

I would like to dedicate more time to travel and to the country side nature in the future.

What qualities do you require from a friend?

Sincerity, honesty and loyalty.


What are you doing for living?

I am a beekeeper, I have a farm.


Do you wear jewels when working?

I only wear earrings when I am at work, I keep my hands be free from jewellery for safety reasons.


Do you have any particular passion, a part of your work?

I am passionate about contemporary art, especially painting and photography.


If you had to leave suddenly for an unknown destination, which pieces of jewels would you take with you? 

I would not leave without my three wedding bands.


How do you feel wearing a Cecilia Capuano’s jewel?

I feel unique! To wear a Cecilia Capuano’s jewel gives me a personal touch.

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